DOGANA around Europe

Written by Matteo Mauri, CNIT

During October DOGANA traveled a lot. Our project has been presented in several European top-conferences in the computer security field. Copenhagen - Denmark, Manno and Lugano - Switzerland, Vienna - Austria.
Six events attended and sponsored by several stakeholders and influencing actors in the fight against cybercrime..Deloitte, Trend Micro, IMB, Ericsson, Danish Ministry of defence, US Embassy to Denmark...

  • On October 6th Marc Busch (AIT) gave a talk on “Games to prevent social engineering” at the IIR SecurITy conference (Vienna - Austria) providing an overview about the work done in DOGANA. He presented an awareness training method against social engineering attacks based on games: an unconventional but innovative approach already explained in this blog.
  • On October 18th Michaela Reisinger (AIT) gave a talk on Social Engineering ("Spielerische Methoden zur Abwehr von Social Engineering Attacken") at the CMG-AE conference “Sensitive Systems: Reliable Design and Management” (Vienna - Austria). Photogallery and agenda of the event are available.
  • On October 24th Angelo Consoli (SUPSI) participated to a table round on Cyber Security ("Cyber Security: a che punto siamo?") presenting DOGANA at Theatre Metamorphosis - Palazzo Mantegazza Riva Paradiso 2 - Lugano-Paradiso - Switzerland. The table round was organised by the journal Ticino Welcome, which will publish an article, in its December/February issue, with the results of the topics discussed during this event.
  • Angelo Consoli also presented DOGANA at the end of the previous month, at the opening conference of the new Master in Security and Cybercrime in Southern Switzerland (Manno, Lugano).
  • On October 25th Dennis Hansen (DBI) gave a talk at Homeland Security Conference (CenSec) (Copenhagen - Denmark; picture on top). With the talk "Social Engineering – the Human Factor of Cyber Security" he presented DOGANA to the public and to other prestigious invited speakers and attendees such as Danish Ministry of defence, US Embassy to Denmark. The agenda of the event is available.
  • On October 27th Dennis Hansen and Marc Busch also presented DOGANA during the danish edition of 600minutes Information and Cyber Security - Management Events. The agenda of the event is available.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme, under grant agreement No. 653618




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